The currency of Ireland is the EURO and is 100 cents to one euro. If you travel to Northern Ireland you will need English Sterling,  You can use all major bank cards; you should keep all receipts so as you can claim VAT back as you leave the country.


Hotels. From camping, to 2 Star, 3 Star, 4, star 5, Star, thatched Cottage, Castle Hotels, Farmhouse, and (B/B) bed and breakfast houses, and even lighthouses, we have about ten of them, ultimately the decision it up to you, on this one, your tour guide will be happy to advise you on your needs andContinue reading “Accommodation.”


In the main all attractions are Pre booked before the tour starts, if you are not  sure of the attraction you wish to see, ask your Tour Guide, as He or She can give you informed information, regarding time and distance involving your tour.

Food and its Safety and its Preparation.

Overall food in Ireland is of very high standard, all food service personal attend course in Cooking, Storage, food handling and Foods service, cooking time and temperatures, display of cool food, and personal hygiene, and that of the general work area, Water is fine to drink or brush your teeth, but you may still boil yourContinue reading “Food and its Safety and its Preparation.”

Coach Travelling.

While coach is not for everyone, in Ireland coach travel on tours is  an excellent standard, most coaches are equipped to a executive level, wifi, ac, fridge, DvD /cd, Toilet, 3 Point seatbelts, First aid, Fire Extinguish Equipment, Comfort stops for toilet breaks can and are often used to avoid the use of the coachContinue reading “Coach Travelling.”


Ireland today is a long way off the days of the Quite Man PictureStaring John Wayne and Maureen O Hara, our major cities andTowns are more modern now, With e-commerce, and LightIndustry’s E-commerce is on the eastern seaboard board in theCapital Dublin (ifsc) Irish financial Services Centre. Rural Ireland is ahealthy mix of modern e-commerce,Continue reading “Expectations.”

Advisory Blog.

We get a lot of rain in Ireland, so it is advisable to have a set of raingear in your luggage, this rain gear does not have to be over heavybut, more so for light showers.

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